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GRNHOLM - Relativity Code For Love

Genre: Hard Rock, Melodic Rock, AOR
Release Date: September 18, 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
POWER PROG is very pleased to announce the signing of GRNHOLM,
one of Finland's most respected Hard Rock/Melodic Rock/AOR acts of
the last years. The first common goal is the release of their upcoming
third album "Relativity Code For Love" worldwide from September 18th,
2015 on CD, download card, as digital download and as stream.

Already in the early eighties, Mika Grnholm showed his first deeper
interest for the world of music by listening to bands like the Beatles, Led
Zeppelin, Rush, Yes and Van Halen (to name a few) ... so inspired, he
began to play guitar himself. Over the next decades and with a lot of
studio and live experiences, he formed his own band GRNHOLM to
realize all his musical and lyrical ideas. With drummer Tom Rask and
singer Markku Kuikka the right comrades were quickly found and the
impressive results of this combination are recorded in the two albums
"Eyewitness Of Life" 2010) and "Silent Out Loud" (2011), both decorated
with highly acclaimed reviews and strong encouragement out of the whole
melodic/progressive rock scene.
Tracklist ...
01. Reasons
02. Home In Our Hearts
03. Like An Angel
04. Mystery
05. Strangers
06. Once
07. Serenity
08. Gravity
The upcoming third album "Relativity Code For Love" is an appreciation, study and musical journey about love, all
told in the language of melodic rock. With British exceptional singer Lee Small, rock fans worldwide best known as
the voice of Shy, Tom Galley's Phenomena, Skyscaper and many other, one of the most appropriate artists was
taken on board to give this mission the right refinement. The result is a concise and entertaining piece of Hard
Rock/Melodic Rock/AOR with fine progressive influences and resounding catchy melodies which will grab the
audience with a unique style and higher musical claims. The fresh dynamic mixing and mastering of Janne Tolsa
(Nightwish, Tarot, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow ...) has completed the whole release to one of the forthcoming rock
highlights this year.
Album details:
Music and lyrics: Mika Grnholm
Arrangements for drums by Tom Rask, for additional vocals by Lee Small
Producing: Mika Grnholm
Mixing/Mastering: Janne Tolsa (Nightwish, Tarot, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow ...)
Front cover art: Tomasz Alen Kopera
Album art: Mika Grnholm
Grnholm logo: Markus Hietala

GRNHOLM is ...
Lee Small (Vocals)
Mika Grnholm (Guitars, keyboards)
Tom Rask (Drums)
Time Schleifer (Bass on "Serenity" and "Strangers")
Annica Wiklund (Backing vocals on "Strangers")
GRNHOLM on the web: