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HEAVIEST - Nowhere

Genre: Heavy Metal, Modern Metal
Release Date: October 23, 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
POWER PROG is pleased to announce the signing of one of
the most promising Brazilian heavy metal bands nowadays, the
powerhouses of HEAVIEST. The first common goal is the
worldwide release of their debut album "Nowhere" at October
23, 2015 as Audio-CD, download card, as digital download and
as stream.

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, HEAVIEST is a strong occupied
Brazilian metal band and was founded by fans worldwide best
known singer Mario Pastore, Guto Mantesso (Guitar), Marcio
Eidt (Guitar), Renato Dias (Bass) and Felipe Perini (Drums) in
late 2014. The guys feature and prefer a heavy and modern
sound, mainly influenced by bands like Adrenaline Mob, Stone
Sour and Disturbed and additional personal influences of each
member to create a unique stylistic direction within the heavy
metal music. The first target was set immediately and it should
go quickly down to business with a debut album!
Tracklist ...
01. Buried Alive
02. Decisions
03. Nowhere
04. Betrayed
05. Crawling Back
06. Torment
07. Time
08. Resurrection
09. Finding A Way
10. Land Of Sin
11. The Mob Inside Me (Bonus Track)
12. Finding A Way (Acoustic, Bonus Track)
Now, after months of creative, extensive and hard work and a line-up change (Vito Montanaro is the new one on
drums), the time has come for the bang and HEAVIEST are able to present their impressive debut album to the
world. What can you expect? Brilliant, massive and full throttle heavy metal comes with enormous power,
expressive songwriting, enraged heavy-as-hell crunching guitars and a more than compelling state-of-the-art
production. Mario Pastore's limitless vocal performance is a real "straight in your face" experience in matters of
power and range. With this high caliber metal masterpiece, HEAVIEST will properly shake up the whole scene and
do not need to hide from the all-time greats of the metal business ... Not a single second!
Album details ...
All songs written and arranged by HEAVIEST
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Guto Mantesso and Marcio Eidt @ Heaviest Studios
Cover artwork created by Guilherme Grolla

Mario Pastore (Vocals)
Guto Mantesso (Guitar)
Marcio Eidt (Guitar)
Renato Dias (Bass)
Vito Montanaro (Drums)
HEAVIEST on the web: