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MAESTRICK on the web:
POWER PROG announces that the release date of "Unpuzzle!", the debut album of the terrific talented Brazilian Progressive Rock/Metal band MAESTRICK, is determined for July 26, 2013. The album will be available worldwide as CD through our distributors/partner shops and as digital download in all popular download stores.

MAESTRICK is not only a band for a drawer, MAESTRICK is the ideology to combine many music styles to something very special. And the Brazilians have realized all these ideas in a very sophisticated way on their conceptual debut album "Unpuzzle!"

This high-class work is not only suitable for Metal or specially Prog fans, the wide range of the used elements and styles makes this album exciting for a bigger audience and should reach fans from many genres. MAESTRICK knows how to combine various musical worlds and giving all an own character.

Fabio Caldeira (Vocals, Piano, Keyboards)
Renato Montanha Somera (Bass, Vocals)
Heitor Matos (Drums, Percussion)
Paulo Pacheco (Guitars)
Beto Vanella (Guitars)

Tracklist ...
01. H.U.C.
02. Aquarela
03. Pescador
04. Sir Kus
05. Puzzler
06. Disturbia
07. Treasures Of The World
08. Radio Active
09. Smilesnif
10. Yellown Of The Ebrium
11. Lake Of Emotions
MAESTRICK - Unpuzzle!

Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: July 26, 2013 (Europe); August 05, 2013 (North America)
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Digital Download & Stream