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POWER PROG is proud to announce the signing of Finnish Hard Rock
jewels THE RAGGED SAINTS and the release of their awesome debut
album "The Sound Of Breaking Free" at October 25, 2013 in Europe and
in North America.

"What would you do if you had lots of spare time and great musician
friends around you? Well, we formed a band to play the music we love:
Hard Rock! Not reinventing the wheel, just playing and enjoying the kind
of music we have grown up with."

Guitarist Tomi Julkunen and Toni Bite came up with an idea to form a
new band after a Whitesnake concert when they realized their love for
80s Hard Rock music. And with enough spare time in their hands they
decided to write and record a couple of songs ... First just for fun! One
song turned into two, two into three and soon enough they
had albums worth of brand new hard rock songs.
Tracklist ...
01. The Sound Of Breaking Free
02. A Place Where I Belong
03. Don't Let Me Go
04. I'll Never Give Up On Love
05. Love Won't Fade Away
06. We Are The Same
07. While The World Is Burning
08. New Beginnings
09. Never Walk Away
10. Before Time Goes By
11. The End
Like-minded bass player Jukka Hoffrn and drummer Miikki Kunttu joined both friends a bit later when it was time
to start recording those already made songs in the studio. Singer Markku Kuikka (Status Minor, Kenziner, Book Of
Reflections) was the last member to join the band in fall 2012 and made the whole thing perfect.

What can you expect of THE RAGGED SAINTS and their debut album? Innovations? Something absolutely new?
You can expect an extraordinary piece of Hard Rock, handmade and with abandon. An entertaining time travel
back to the glory 80's, with great catchy melodies, creaking guitars and straight rhythms, all packed in an up-to-
date sound garment without sacrificing the roots and the feeling for one of the greatest musical eras. With "The
Sound Of Breaking Free", THE RAGGED SAINTS achieve the feat to remain a past time totally faithful and take
the good old virtues over in a new millennium and for a new generation ... Simply, with ease and right to the point!

For fans of Whitesnake, Ratt, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Journey, Mr. Big, Foreigner, Bad Company and all other
80's Hard Rock/Melodic Rock pleasure-lovers!

Markku Kuikka (Vocals)
Tomi Julkunen (Guitars)
Toni Bite (Guitars)
Miikki Kunttu (Drums)
Jukka Hoffrn (Bass)
THE RAGGED SAINTS - The Sound Of Breaking Free

Genre: Hard Rock/Melodic Rock
Release Date: October 25, 2013 (in Europe & North America)
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Digital Download & Stream