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Genre: Progressive Metal/Progressive Rock/Instrumental
Release Date: October 01, 2014
Sales Territory: Digitally worldwide/CD for Europe
Available as Audio-CD, Digital Download & Stream
After our first cooperation with the release of the "Three Wise Monkeys
album in 2012, which featured such legendary musicians as Kevin
Moore (ex-Dream Theater) and Gran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen),
POWER PROG is proud to release Italian bass master and Prog Rock
composer Alberto Rigoni's fourth album Overloaded from today as
worldwide digital distribution as well as a proper CD distro in Europe.

More heavy and progressive than its predecessors, the new album, fully
instrumental, is inspired by Alberto's vision of our contemporary society.
"I think that everything is going too fast today and one of the reasons is
technology: hyper fast communications (mostly through social
networks), multitasking activities, tons of information as well as
misinformation, products, services... In a couple of words - we are
OVERLOADED! The Internet has changed our lives, and even though it
is indeed a great tool we have to be careful and use it judiciously.
Excessive use may cause several diseases such as stress,
depression, and social isolation." explains Alberto.
Tracklist ...
01. What's On Your Mind
02. Overloaded
03. Chron
04. Floating Capsule
05. Corruption
06. Ubick
07. Multitasking
08. Liberation
09. Glory Of Life (Bonus Track)
Album details ...
All songs written, arranged and produce Alberto Rigoni
Drums mixed by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio (Italy)
Mixing, mastering and co-production by Federico Solazzo at Pannekoek Studio (Netherlands)
Artwork and booklet designed by Chris van der Linden
Photos by Maria Parini and Denis Ulliana

Alberto Rigoni (Bass)
Denis Novello (Drums)
Federico Solazzo (Keyboards)

Special guests:
Marco Sfogli (Guitars)
Fabrizio Bicio Leo (Guitars)
Simone Mularoni (Guitars)
ALBERTO RIGONI on the web: