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For album No. 2, BOGUSLAW BALCERAK has gathered again a real Metal vocal elite around him, especially the
well-known singing artists Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (Evidence One, Book Of Reflections, ex Domain), Rick Altzi
(Masterplan, At Vance, Epysode) and Neo-Classical legends Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen, ex Royal Hunt, Ring Of
Fire, Iron Mask) and Gran Edman (ex Malmsteen, Karmakanic, Brazen Abbot) are particularly worthy of mention.
The result is an impressive Neo-Classical Metal masterpiece that shines with fantastic and song matching vocals,
the exceptional and stunning guitar work of the master himself, lots of fastidious progressive elements and
structures and melodies that will dig into the ear canals. Three years after his much-publicized debut, BOGUSLAW
BALCERAK'S CRYLORD are back with their second blast "Gates Of Valhalla" and are definitively a real contender
for the current Neo-Classical Metal throne.

Album details ...
All music and vocal lines written and arranged by Boguslaw Balcerak
Additional vocal choirs arrangements by Boguslaw Balcerak, Carsten Lizard Schulz, Gran Edman, Rick Altzi,
  Mark Boals and Ricky Wychowaniec
Drums, bass and guitars recorded by Kamil Wyzinski in CLC studio
Guitars to songs 2 and 3 recorded by Pawel Sapija in New Project Production studio
Lizards vocals recorded by Steffen Seeger at Seegewerk Studio, Mannheim/Germany
Mixed and Mastering by Chris Aiken at Studio 124
Cover artwork by Carl-Andr Beckston

Highly recommended for all fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, Rainbow, Royal Hunt, Whitesnake, At Vance, Space
Odyssey, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and all sophisticated Neo-Classical, Melodic & Progressive Metal lovers.

Boguslaw Balcerak (Guitars)
Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (Vocals)
Gran Edman (Vocals)
Mark Boals (Vocals)
Rick Altzi (Vocals)
Ricky Wychowaniec (Vocals)
Marcin Kanclerz Kwasny (Drums)
Kamil Wyzinski (Bass)
Federico Cordera (Keyboard solos)
Lukasz Dybalski (Keyboard solos)

Genre: Neo-Classical Progressive Melodic Metal
Release Date: June 20, 2014
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Digital Download & Stream
POWER PROG is proud to present the second album of Polish guitar
master BOGUSLAW BALCERAK and his Neo-Classical/Melodic/
Progressive Metal project CRYLORD. "Gates Of Valhalla" will be
released at June 20, 2014 as CD through our distributors/partners and as
digital download in all popular download stores.

Born in 1972, Boguslaw picked up the guitar at age 16 and over the
years he was in several bands based in his home city of Warsaw,
Poland. CRYLORDSs formation came about in late 2007 but finding a
suitable vocalist in his native homeland proved difficult for Balcerak. So
he set about recording the instrumental parts for the first planned full
lenght album whilst continuing the search for the right vocalists. Once
the songs were complete, Boguslaw took the chance to invited three of
his favourite vocalists to perform on the album - Mark Boals, Gran
Edman and Carsten Lizard Schulz -  who all accepted their participation
after hearing the quality of the music on offer. Some time later everything
was in the box and with "Blood On The Prophets" (released via Lion
Music) an extraordinary debut was presented in 2011.
Tracklist ...
01. Passage To The Other Side
02. Gates Of Valhalla
03. We Came To Rock
04. Mirrored Eyes
05. Judgment Day
06. Lost Again
07. Deadnight Serenade
08. House Of Pain
09. Pompeii
10. War Memorial