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MOONBOUND - Uncomfortable News From The Moon

Genre: Progressive Rock, Pop-Rock, Pop
Release Date: September 18, 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
POWER PROG is very pleased to announce the signing of the
international and highly occupied prog rock/pop-rock lineup
MOONBOUND. The first common goal is the worldwide release of
their upcoming third album "uncomfortable News From The Moon"
from September 18th, 2015 as CD, download card, digital download
and as stream.

MOONBOUND is the brainchild of vocalist, multi-instrumentalist
and producer Fabio Trentini (well known for fans and the trade press
in Europe for his work with acts like Subway To Sally, H-Blockx,
Guano Apes, Sasha, Le Orme, Milan Polak, All Ends ...). Offering
up an eclectic blend of hooky, 80s-influenced pop with progressive
rock sensibilities, MOONBOUND captured the attention of
audiences with their 2009s album "Confession And Release" and
its 2011 follow-up, the critically-acclaimed "Peak Of Eternal Light".
Both albums featured the notable contributions of prog rock
luminaries Markus Reuter (Stick Men) and Pat Mastelotto (King
Crimson, Mr. Mister).
Tracklist ...
01. As Long As The Dream Is Real
02. Hero & Zero
03. Union
04. The Sacred Flame
05. Cheetah Conquers The Moon Part 1
06. The Real Loneliness
07. Get Along
08. Guidance
09. Beautiful World
10. Almighty Game
For MOONBOUNDs newest album, Trentini reunited with Reuter and Mastelotto, adding an all-star cast of
musicians including Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), Steve Farris and Steve George (both of Mr. Mister),
Tim Pierce (session guitarist for Phil Collins, Roger Waters, and Carlos Santana), Milan Polak and many more.
Loaded with infectious hooks, spiced with catchy melodies and laced with dark progressive themes,
"Uncomfortable News From The Moon" exhibits MOONBOUND at its absolute musical and lyrical peak. And once
again Trentini proves his skills as an extremely capable singer with a distinctive and empathetic voice that puts the
crown on this masterpiece. An album not only for fans of the genre, mass compatibility is more than guaranteed
and could make "Uncomfortable News From The Moon" a trendsetter in terms of modern prog rock & pop music.

Touring in support of the new album will take place throughout Europe during 2015 and 2016. In the style of such
legendary trios as Rush and The Police, Trentini has formed a three-man live lineup comprised of himself (bass and
vocals), Milan Polak (guitar, backing vocals), and Luca Casagranda (drums, backing vocals).
Album details:
All songs composed by Fabio Trentini, except "Union" (music by Fabio Trentini and William Dotto) and "Beautiful
  World" (composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale, published Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal
  Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management US, LLC.)
Produced by Fabio Trentini
Co-produced by Markus Reuter
Engineered and mixed by Fabio Trentini and Markus Reuter @ FabLabs, Italy
Markus Reuter's Touch Guitar recorded and produced by Markus and Lee Fletcher in Innsbruck, Austria
  and Berlin, Germany
Pat Mastelotto's drums recorded by Pat in Austin, TX, USA
Lisa Fletcher's vocals arranged, recorded and produced by Lee Fletcher in Paignton, UK
Steve Farris' guitar recorded and produced by Paul DeVilliers in Rossland, BC, Canada
Tim Pierce's guitar recorded @ his studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Steve George's piano and soprano saxophone recorded in Sedona, AZ, USA
Tony Levin's bass recorded by Tony in Kingston, NY, USA
Simon Michael Schmitt's drums recorded by Simon Michael @ Great Hall studio in Buttenheim, Germany
Luca Casagranda's drums recorded by Fabio Trentini, Luca Casagranda and John Casagranda @ Luca's studio
  in Trento, Italy
Milan Polak's guitar recorded by Milan @ his studio in Udine, Italy
Tim Motzer's guitar recorded in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Mastered by Modo Bierkamp
Cover by Elisa Fabris
CD layout by Gtz Morgenschweis
Pic of Fabio Trentini by Francesco Desmaele
Cover pic: Crazy80frog/dreamstime.com

Fabio Trentini (Lead and backing vocals, bass, guitars, keys, programmings)
Pat Mastelotto (Drums and percussion)
Markus Reuter (Touch guitar)

Guests ...
Steve Farris (Guitar)
Steve George (Piano, soprano saxophone)
Tim Pierce (Guitar)
Tony Levin (Bass)
Lisa Fletcher (Vocals)
Tim Motzer (Guitar)
Milan Polak (Guitar)
Simon Michael Schmitt (Drums)
Luca Casagranda (Drums)
William Dotto (Guitar)