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WINGS OF DESTINY - Kings Of Terror

Genre: Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal
Release Dates: May 27, 2016 (exclusively and directly via Power Prog), June 24, 2016 (worldwide)
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
WINGS OF DESTINY (Destiny) on the web:
POWER PROG is proud to announce that the label takes care
about the release and distribution of Latin American metal maniacs
WINGS OF DESTINY's upcoming album "Kings Of Terror", which
will be exclusively released as Audio-CD, download card, digital
download and stream via POWER PROG's direct sales and
presentation channels at May 27, 2016. The official worldwide
release follows at June 24, 2016 with the widespread global
availability as Audio-CD, as digital download and as stream via all
major platforms.

With their second album and after some line-up changes, power
metallers WINGS OF DESTINY have found their own style, which,
and in every respect, stands out clearly from the genre competitors.
"Kings Of Terror" has become much darker, harder and more
intense than their already highly acclaimed debut album.
Tracklist ...
01. We Bring You The Night
02. Angels & Demons
03. Kings Of Terror
04. Eye Of The Storm
05. Sea Of Oblivion
06. Siren's Song
07. Holy Innocence
08. Lie To Me
09. Touch The Sky
10. Eternity
11. United We Stand
12. Angels & Demons (Feat. Fabio Lione)
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Album details ...
All songs written by Anton Darusso, except Oblivion & Siren's Song, music by Anton Darusso, Marco Castro &  
  Alejandro Amador & lyrics by Alejandro Amador & Anton Darusso
All arrangements created by Anton Darusso, Alejandro Amador, Cristian Jimnez, Allan Murillo Guzman & Marco
  Castro, except "Circle Of Life", created by Marco Castro, Anton Darusso, Cristian Jimenez & Allan Murillo Guzman
Produced by Anton Darusso, Alejandro Amador, Cristian Jimenez & Marco Castro
Recorded, mixed and mastered at AUDIOMACC Studios, San Jos, Costa Rica (Special thanks to Mario Casasola)
Album artwork: Caio Caldas (CadiesArt)
Logo design, typography & layout: Gtz Morgenschweis (Power Prog)

Anton Darusso (Vocals)
Alejandro Amador (Keyboards)
Allan "Kalay" Murillo (Guitar)
Cristian Jimnez (Guitar)
Edgardo Monge (Bass)
David Roda (Drums)

Guest artists ...
Marco Castro (Guitars, programming & keyboards)
Fabio Lione (Vocals on Angels & Demons)
Rebecca Malavassi (Vocals on Sea of Oblivion & Siren's Song)
Jose Pablo Sequeira (Bass)
What has remained is once again strong songwriting, extraordinary instrumental feats and a smashing,
unprecedented unique production. With Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody of Fire), a renowned guest and real metal
size was obliged who gives an extra version of the track "Angels & Demons" his special mark and which provides
us a great vocal duel with WOD's exceptional singer Anton Darusso. Once again the cover artwork was created by
the sensational Caio Caldas (CadiesArt), who was already responsible for the optical subtleties of the debut album.

As an overall summary you can say that with their second strike WINGS OF DESTINY have grown up and arrived
at the very top. From now they play in the premier league of Latin American metal and are an integral part of the
global metal scene with lots of potential for further musical masterpieces.