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ADAMANTRA - Act II: Silent Narratives

Genre: Symphonic Progressive Power Metal
Release Date: May 23, 2014
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Digital Download & Stream
ADAMANTRA on the web:
POWER PROG is proud to welcome one of the most aspiring and
talented acts in the European Metal scene, Finnish Symphonic
Progressive Power Metallers ADAMANTRA to the family. With their
debut album "Revival" from 2009, they have already proved to what they
are capable. Now our first common goal is it to release their second
longplayer Act II: Silent Narratives worldwide as CD and digital
download at May 23th 2014!

The idea of forming ADAMANTRA saw the daylight about a decade ago
in Helsinki (Finland), when bass player Jukka Hoffrn started to record
some of his tunes and ideas on a friends computer. As the songs were
given their final shape during the process of preproduction, it was time
to form a band to have the opportunity for live performances.
Tracklist ...
01. Lionheart
02. Three
03. In The Shadow Of The Cross
04. The Oracle
05. Angel Of Music
06. Red Death
07. Wicked Chain Of Events
08. Circle Of Sorrow
09. On Ember Remains
Despite of placing numerous of ads in several music magazines and on different websites, a really fitting line-up
was somewhat difficult to create. However the real solution was closer than expected. Tuomas Nieminen, Mikko
Sepponen and Panu Kiskola were already known from earlier bands and line-ups. The band made records and
played gigs for many years with several session keyboardists until 2010 Christian Pulkkinen finally step into the
picture. The Adamantra line-up is not unknown in the Finnish music scene and includes musicians from such
bands as Coventhrall, Epicrenel, The Ragged Saints and Simulacrum.

After their first EP of 2006 and their debut album Revival of 2009, ADAMANTRA started the composing, rehearsing
and recording of new tracks in August 2010. It takes a few years, a bit of blood and sweat and the one or the other
larger effort to realize a result, in which everyone is really happy and satisfied. Act II: Silent Narratives has
become an album with a lot of different aspects and full of emotions. A mix of progressive, symphonic and harder
Metal influences, independently in its execution and with a high recognition value. With each track the band
manages to find the crucial melody in an impressive way and which settles in the ear canal. And also longer
instrumental passages fit seamlessly to the total work of art. Act II: Silent Narratives is the smoking gun that it
pays to take time for all the things that are personally, but also in terms of professionalism, important and not
always to be satisfied with a quick result. Now the current scenario is that you can expect a real Symphonic
Progressive Power Metal blast of a band with a promising future that is more than worthy of your undivided

Album details ...
Recorded at D-studio and Pathos Music by Jukka Hoffrn & Mikko P. Mustonen
Mixed at Pathos Music by Mikko P. Mustonen
Mastered at Chartmakers by Henkka Niemist
Artwork design by Jan "rkki" Yrlund

Tuomas Nieminen (Vocals)
Panu Kiskola (Guitars)
Jukka Hoffrn (Bass)
Mikko Sepponen (Drums)
Chrism (Keyboards)