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KENZINER - The Last Horizon

Genre: Neo-Classical Progressive Power Metal
Release Date: May 23, 2014
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Digital Download & Stream
KENZINER on the web:
POWER PROG is proud to welcome Finnish Neoclassical/Progressive
Power Metal legends KENZINER in the family. Our first common goal is
it to release their long awaited comeback album "The Last Horizon"
worldwide as CD and digital download at May 23, 2014

After more than a decade of break and many years of a complete
withdrawal from the music business, Jarno Keskinen decided to revive
Kenziner in 2012 and begun gathering a band around himself. He started
by hiring Markku Kuikka (Status Minor, The Ragged Saints, etc.) as the
singer, and through Markku, found also the rest of the members: the new
line-up features Jukka Karinen (Thunderstone, Status Minor, etc.) on the
keyboards, Make Lievonen (Embassy of Silence) on the drums and Jupi
Hjelt on the bass.

While the new line-up was being built, Jarno and Markku arranged
Jarnos new compositions for the upcoming album. As the songs took
shape, it became clear that a new album will play a major part in
Kenziners comeback. Neo-classical guitar work and strong melodies
have always laid the foundation for Kenziners music. The new line-up
gave Jarno much better musical freedom because the music could be
arranged in Finland, with the group working on the songs together.
Tracklist ...
01. Run For Your Life
02. Our Times
03. Heroes Ride
04. Devour The World
05. End Of An Era
06. Keep The Flame Alive
07. I Am Eternal
08. No Turning Back
09. The Last Horizon
10. Perfect Moment (CD Bonus Track)
During the winter 2012/2013, Kenziner recorded their upcoming album. Having finished the recordings in September
2013, the band took the album to Sonic Pump Studios (Helsinki), and mixed their new masterpiece with Nino
Laurenne (Thunderstone).

In early January 2014 Kenziner signed a deal with German based media company/label Power Prog and has found
a new home ... the beginning of a new era for the band. They aims to transform from the studio band that it has
been up to now into a real live and touring act, creating music that is challenging and interesting for their fans.

In summary: 15 years after their last album "The Prophecies" from 1999, KENZINER is back with a complete new
line-up as a real band and with another Neo-Classical Metal masterpiece for the eternity. Of course the roots can
not be hidden and the classical approaches are ubiquitous, but the fresh robe and the contemporary production
shows us every minute, that KENZINER has become an adult unit without compromises ... they know exactly what
they want and what they do! "The Last Horizon" impressed by a clear line and expressive songwriting, with enough
space for mastermind Jarno Keskinen's impressive guitar playing and fine, exceptional progressive gadgets. We
look forward to everything that will happen ... because it will become really great!

Album details ...
Produced by Jarno Keskinen and Kenziner
Music and Lyrics written by Jarno Keskinen and Jukka Karinen
Recorded at Cat Piss Studio, Riihimki and Wolverine Avenue Studios
Drums recorded at Studio Louhos by Jani Autero
Mixed by Nino Laurenne at Sonic Pump Studios
Mastered by Svante Forsbck at Chartmakers
Artwork design by Gtz Morgenschweis
Photography by Jarkko Viitasaari

KENZINER are ...
Jarno Keskinen (Guitars)
Markku Kuikka (Vocals)
Jukka Karinen (Keyboards)
Make Lievonen  (Drums)
Jupi Hjelt (Bass)