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After the impressive success of DARUSSO's debut long player "Medicine
For The Soul" in September, POWER PROG is very pleased to announce
the release of the album's DELUXE EDITION at December 25, 2015 as
CD, download card, as digital download and as stream. This version
comes with 4 extra tracks including the hit singles "Love Is Blind" and "It's
Time For Love" plus the still appearing singles "Medicine For My Soul" and
"Angel Like You" ... a true all-in-one package not only for hardy fans!

Anton DARUSSO is not a stranger in his home country Costa Rica and
was able to attract a lot of fans on his side with his previous musical
activities. Especially for POWER PROG friends he might be best known
as lead singer and figurehead of the metal band "Wings Of Destiny" and
has already proven his skills as a formidable artist with an exceptional
voice and great charisma. But DARUSSO's musical scope covers a far
greater range and especially catchy hard rocking stuff and emotional rock
ballads has it done to him. Sounds more commercial? In fact it is!

With his debut album "Medicine For The Soul", DARUSSO and his highly
professional team (especially multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and
producer Marco Castro should be given special mention) succeeds
something that is very rare in today's world of music ... an album full of
potential hits, across genres and for the masses. Straight rockers with the
ultimate sing-along factor alternates with emphatic grand ballads and also
persevering party guests will not miss out.
Tracklist ...
01. This Is Life
02. Get Out Of Here
03. It's Time For Love
04. Love Is Blind
05. Frozen Tears
06. Fast Rider
07. Ocean
08. Medicine For My Soul
09. Heaven
10. Free Falling
11. One More Lie
12. Nothing To Hide
13. Alive And Kickin'
14. I Live For Love
15. Angel Like You*
16. Drops Of Compassion*
17. When Music Is Over*
18. Keep The Fire Burning*

* = Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
The now appearing DELUXE EDITION comes with 18 (!) fantastical composed, arranged and produced songs with
chart ambitions and for which some of the renowned sizes would kill for. Everything what is needed for a great rock
album is convincingly offered and makes "Medicine For The Soul", especially in this DELUXE EDITION, to an
absolute highlight and a real obligation for any halfway complete music collection. Without exaggeration you can
say that this guy will shake up the whole rock world ... and certainly not only with this debut!
Album details:
All songs & lyrics written by Anton Darusso,
  except I Live For Love & Ocean, written by Alex Belov & Gorky Park, "Angel Like You" & "When Music Is Over",
  written by Alex Grata, "Drops Of Compassion", written by Alex Grata & Yulia Nevmerzhitskaya & "Keep The Fire
  Burning", written by Alex Grata & Oleg Hovrin
"Nothing To Hide" featuring Alex Grata (Vocals, keyboards) & Dmitry Turin (Guitars)
Fast Rider featuring Toledo Wolbrom Prescod (Rap vocals & lyrics)
"Angel Like You" featuring Alex Grata (Vocals), Assortie (vocals), Dmitry Chetvergov & Marco Castro (Guitars)
"Drops Of Compassion" featuring Alex Grata (Vocals), Dmitry Chetvergov & Marco Castro (Guitars)
"When Music Is Over" featuring Alex Grata (Vocals) & Marco Castro (Keyboards)
"Keep The Fire Burning" featuring Alex Grata (Vocals), V. Molchanov & Marco Castro (Guitars)
Produced by: Anton Darusso
Co-produced by: Marco Castro
Mixing & sound engineering: Marco Castro
Recorded, mixed & mastered in AUDIOMACC Studios in San Jos, Costa Rica
Concept, artwork, logo design, typography & layout: Gtz Morgenschweis

DARUSSO is ...
Anton Darusso (Vocals, guitars)
Marco Castro (Guitars, keyboards, bass, programming)
Alex Grata (Vocals on track 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, keyboards)
Dmitry Turin (Backing vocals on track 12, guitars)
Toledo Wolbrom Prescod (Rap vocals on track 6)
Dmitry Chetvergov (Guitars on track 15, 16)
V. Molchanov (Guitars on track 18)
Assortie (Vocals on track 15)
DARUSSO on the web:
DARUSSO - Medicine For The Soul (Deluxe Edition)

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock, Glam Rock
Release Date: December 25, 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream