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ENDLESS - The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity

Genre: Power Metal, Melodic Metal, Progressive Metal
Release Date: March 25, 2016
Sales Territory: Europe
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
ENDLESS on the web:
POWER PROG is very pleased to announce the signing of one of the
best kept South American secrets in terms of metal, the Brazilians of
ENDLESS. The first common goal is the release of their long awaited
third album "The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity" at March 25, 2016 in
Europe as Audio-CD, download card, digital download and stream.

Established in 1995, ENDLESS has an over two decades ongoing history
with various ups and downs, marked through some successes, but also
setbacks in recent years brought the band repeatedly to a virtual
deadlock. During this challenging period, singer Vitor Veiga achieved
notable success also outside of his home country with AQUARIA and
released two stunning albums, "LuxAeterna" in 2005 and "Shambala" in
2007. But now, after many lineup changes and 10 years after their last
critically acclaimed album "A Dream At The Sun", the guys have
discarded the old clothing and propose a new and certainly more
successful chapter in their band history. Time to resurrect their brilliant
way of playing melodic and progressive tinged power metal again.
Tracklist ...
01. A New Sunrise
02. The Code Of Light
03. Will Of Destiny
04. The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity
05. Black Veil Of Madness
06. Veins Of Blood
07. Save Me From Myself
08. Lady Of The Lake
09. Under The Sun
10. Puppets On A Stage
11. A World Without Fantasy
12. Celestial Dreams
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Album details ...
Musical Production by Luciano de Souza, Sergio Sanchez and Vitor Veiga
Album concept by Vitor Veiga
All lyrics by Vitor Veiga
Produced and Mixed by Sergio Sanchez at Sergio Sanchez Studios
Mastered by Cristiano Moura at Alcateia Studio
Photo: Casanova Studios
Photo: Marcelo 'Harry Potter' Martins
Cover concept & artwork by Jobert Mello (www.sledgehammergraphix.com)

ENDLESS is ...
Vitor Veiga (Vocals)
Cristiano Moura (Guitar)
Luciano de Souza (Guitar)
Marcio Brito (Keyboards)
Rey Araujo (Bass)
Sergio Sanchez (Drums)
"The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity" is a real treat for all friends and fans of genre sizes like Angra, Helloween,
Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, Avantasia, Sonata Arctica and the early Hibria. The musical skills of the protagonists,
catchy refrains with polyphonic vocals, symphonic majestic arrangements with great-used progressive elements
and not to forget the appropriate speed at the right place can be used as keywords to describe one of the classical
power metal highlights of the still young 2016. With this masterpiece in the their bag, the band's career will be
decisively pushed and ENDLESS can finally take the right course.