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FIRELAND - God N' Evil

Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Release Date: October 12, 2014
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Digital Download & Stream
FIRELAND on the web:
POWER PROG is pleased to release the debut album of FIRELAND,
one of South America's hopes regarding traditional and straight Power
Metal, as digital download and worldwide at October 12th 2014!

Formed in 2006 in Santiago/Chile and with a varied history, the band
already released "God 'N Evil" in their home country in late 2010 with
considerable success in the local scene. Now it's definitely time to give
all Metal fans worldwide the chance to assess the abilities of these
Chilean powerhouses. Inspired by great genre sizes like Judas Priest,
Gamma Ray and Helloween, "God N' Evil" is a cool ride back to the
glorious 80s and the cradle of Power Metal paired with a modern touch
and straightly strong songwriting. The guys are on a clear path and it
can be expected much more in the coming months and years.

Album details ...
All songs written and arranged by Fireland
Mastered by Javier Bassino at "Sticky Red Sofa" Studios
Recorded, produced and mixed by Franco Lama at Lama Studios
Guitars and vocals recorded by Rafael Castillo at Castle Studios
Drums recorded at Towers Studios

FIRELAND (current line-up) are ...
Rafael Castillo (Vocals/Guitars)
Matas Vidal (Guitars)
Claudio Gonzalez (Bass)
Cristian Carrasco (Drums)

Guest musicians ...
Javier Bassino
Franco Lama

Tracklist ...
01. Ancient Time
02. Azgaroth
03. Here I Am
04. God N' Evil
05. Believe
06. Where I Heaven
07. Turn Off The Lights
08. Politica
09. Moon Patrol
10. It's Not Magic
11. Dream