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Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: February 14, 2014
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Digital Download & Stream
POWER PROG is proud to present the third album of Swiss Prog Metal
institution APPEARANCE OF NOTHING to the world. "A New Beginning"
was already best rated and most praised in advance and is available
worldwide from now as CD through our distributors/partners and as digital
download in all popular download stores.

Swiss band APPEARANCE OF NOTHING was founded 2004 by Pat
Gerber (Vocals/Guitar), Yves Lthi (drums), Omar Cuna (Bass) and Marc
Petralito (Keys). After a short experimental period the band began to
write their own songs. After the first self-produced demo in 2005, the first
album Wasted Time was released, in 2008 and the band engaged
Markus Teske as producer who worked together with famous bands such
as Vanden Plas and Symphony X. What we have with this highly
acclaimed release is a very symphonic and highly enjoyable sound
that brings together the best elements of Dream Theater, Symphony X,
Saga and Vanden Plas.
Tracklist ...
01. Chains Of History
02. Without A Reason
03. The Seer
04. A New Beginning
05. Forsaken
06. Echoes
07. When The Glass Breaks
In the years 2008/2009 APPEARANCE OF NOTHING concentrated on playing headliner shows as well as shows
as suporting act of GURD and at the Swiss RAW festival in front of 4000 people on the main stage.

The 2010 album "All Gods are Gone" has a considerably more aggressive and more modern attitude. Not only the
sound but also the collaboration with vocalist Dan Swan (ex Edge of Sanity/Nightingale) provide a further highlight.

In 2011 the band parts ways with longtime drummer Yves Lthi. After a small summer break the band gets
together with the excellent drummer Ronnie Wolf who fills in as the new drummer.

2013 is the provisionally most successful year in the band history. As support act for Circus Maximus on their
extensive European tour, APPEARANCE OF NOTHING is, at least now, known to a wider audience and have their
loyal fans all over the world in the meantime.

With their third long player "A New Beginning", APPEARANCE OF NOTHING show us their adult side and they
have definitely found their own and unique style. The album continues where the predecessor "All Gods Are Gone"
ceases and the significant increase is clearly to recognize and to hear. Exciting songwriting, successful
progressive arrangements, hard powerful Metal riffs, decent excursions into the Death Metal world, exceptional
keyboard work and clear vocals paired with fat growls will provide for the ultimate attention. With the support of
Markus Teske, who has mastered the album, a real blow has succeeded and the steady development of a Prog
Metal unit gets a temporary climax. The inexorable triumphal march to a true genre size can not be stopped.

Highly recommended choice for fans of Symphony X, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Redemption and all sophisticated
Progressive Metal lovers.

Pat Gerber (Vocals/Guitar)
Omar Cuna (Vocals/Bass)
Peter Berger (Lead Guitar)
Marc Petralito (Keyboards)
Ronnie Wolf (Drums)