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LOTHLRYEN - Some Ways Back Some More

Genre: Folk- / Heavy Metal
Release Date: February 28, 2014
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Digital Download & Stream
LOTHLRYEN on the web:
POWER PROG is proud to announce that our Brazilian Heavy/Folk
Metal bards LOTHLRYEN has released their new longplayer "Some
Ways Back Some More" worldwide as digital download from February
28, 2014 through the label's new initialized "Digital Series".

After the felicitous "Raving Souls Society", their latest and worldwide
released album from 2012 and the first cooperation with Power Prog,
LOTHLRYEN and the label have decided to make also earlier material
accessible to the world. And after a few discussions, a clear concept
was developed at the beginning of 2013 which included not only a
simple "re-release" of the available old stuff ... It should be necessarily
something new and current! Now we can talk about the result ...
Tracklist ...
01. My Mind In Mordor
02. We Will Never Be The Same
03. One Ring
04. Hobbits' Song
05. White Lies
06. Some Ways Back No More
07. Secret Time
08. My Grimoire
09. Unfinished Fairytale
"Some Ways Back Some More" is a re-issue of the very successful 2008 album "Some Ways Back No More"
(only released in LOTHLRYEN's home country Brazil), partially re-recorded and supplemented by the voice of the
current singer Daniel Felipe, with a new mixing in Casanegra Studios and the mastering in Norcal Studios by
Brendan Duffey plus the totally new created artwork by Robson Piccin ...  So everything completely redone, in a
new guise and ready for the entire world! Great made Heavy Folk Metal in a unique style and with a high
recognition value ...As we know it from LOTHLRYEN and what is it that fans love!

The already decoupled single "Hobbits' Song" and the matching video clip (see below) should give you a great
impression of what you can expect from this release: Great made Heavy Folk Metal in a unique style and with a
high recognition value ... As we know it from our crazy bards and what is it that fans love!

Daniel Felipe (Vocals)
Leko Soares (Guitars)
Tim Alan Wagner (Guitars)
Marshall Godde (Bass)
Marcelo Benelli (Drums)
Leo Godde (Keyboards)