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CYBERTOYZ - Undo. Exit

Genre: Industrial Progressive Metal / Electronic / Rock / Instrumental
Release Date: April 03, 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
CYBERTOYZ on the web:
POWER PROG is pleased to announce the signing of the very exciting
Russian instrumental metal project CYBERTOYZ. The release of their
second long player "Undo. Exit" is set to April 03, 2015 and will be
available worldwide as digital download.

Hailing from Moscow, CYBERTOYZ was founded in 2004 by guitarist and
composer Alexander "Zyggie" Korpusov as his solo project. The idea was
to create music that would be a mix of "traditional" guitar instrumentals
and electronic sounds and beats. The debut album "Chaos Theory"
(2006) already offered rather unusual instrumental guitar music -
industrial rock with catchy riffs on odd chord progressions, Satriani-like
legato shredding along with industrial breakbeats and electronic sounds.
Tracklist ...
01. Enter: A Fistful Of Dust
02. Absolutely Identifiable
03. Battery Operated Part 1
04. i:Romance
05. Bleed Your God
06. Battery Operated Part 2
07. Survival Type
08. The Dead Drive Fast
09. Heavenly
10. Exit: A Handful Of Stars
During 2012-2014 the band had been working in studio on their current album Undo. Exit. This now presented
release is an atmospheric and energized industrial rock/metal masterpiece that brings the highly ambitious,
impressive and virtuoso guitar playing of Zyggie (he names Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Buckethead and Vernon Reid
as his main influences) closer to a wider audience. An exceptional instrumental work on which there is
permanently something new to discover ... embark on a special musical journey!
Album details ...
All songs written and arranged by Alexander "Zyggie" Korpusov
Recorded by Nickolay Vengrzhanovich and Anastasia Krasikova at Light Temple Records (Moscow, Russia)
Mastered by Nickolay Vengrzhanovich
Cover/artwork created by Daniil Vyatkin

Zyggie (Guitars, keyboards & programming)
Anna Lyapina (Vocals on track 1)
Sergey Timofeyev (Bass on tracks 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8)
Alexander Karpukhin (Drums on tracks 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9)
Dmitry Oslyakov (Drums on tracks 3 and 6)
Ruslan Dzhigkaity (Drums on track 4)