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RYGEL - Revolution

Genre: Heavy Metal, Modern Metal, Thrash Metal
Release Date: July 31, 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
After their second album "Imminent" in 2012, POWER PROG is pleased
to announce that Brazilian Modern Heavy Metal act RYGEL will also
distribute their stunning third album "Revolution" via the label. The
release date is set to July 31, 2015 and the album will be available
worldwide as download card, digital download and stream on all well-
known digital platforms. The Audio-CD will be released at bit later at
September 01, 2015.

Rygel is a star wich has 35 times the size of the sun, situated in the
constellation of Orion. In 2000, this star was responsible for the naming
of the eclectic band from Santos/Brazil with influences from Hard Rock to
Death Metal resulting in a modern way of metal without forgetting the
traditional heavy metal roots. With their second and first time worldwide
released album "Imminent" they have already caused a sensation and
since then they were able to establish themselves as a fixed size in the
world of metal.
Tracklist ...
01. Save Me
02. Worst In Me
03. The Story Begins
04. Before The Dawn
05. Mutual Leeching
06. Meaning Of Life
07. Arisen
08. Repentance
09. Burning Remains
10. Damage Done
11. This Man
After a few lineup changes, RYGEL disappeared into the studio to record the extraordinary follow up of their
critically acclaimed second strike ... and they are back with an immensely powerful third one! Mastermind
Wanderson Barreto makes an awarded job as new lead singer and the whole band is full of playfulness and
enthusiasm. It goes hard to the point and RYGELs tough produced metal flies out vigorously around the head.
Strong and catchy sonwriting was not forgotten, everything ignites already with the first run and settles in the ear
canals. Really well done guys! The Brazilians make a clear step forward and will continue to strengthen and
broaden their status as a modern metal band with clear statements, maximum ambitions and a great future.
Album details ...
All songs written and arranged by RYGEL
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thiago Hspede at Lamparina Studios
Vocal production by Nando Fernandes
Cover artwork created by Vinnie Savastanno

RYGEL is ...
Wanderson Barreto (Guitar/vocal)
Ricardo Reis (Bass)
Vinnie Savastanno (Guitar)
Pedro Colangelo (Drums)
RYGEL on the web: