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WINGS OF DESTINY - Time (Definitive Edition)

Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Release Date: July 24, 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
WINGS OF DESTINY (Destiny) on the web:
A few months ago POWER PROG was pleased to sign a new Central
American Power Metal hope, the Costa Ricans of DESTINY. Our first
common goal of a perspective cooperation was the release of their debut
album "Time" in February 2015 and with some thrilling reviews by the
trade press. So far, so good! Now we have to announce some changes
and news to the metal globe ...

Due to the fact that a long-established and still active Swedish heavy
metal band called DESTINY already exists since the early 1980s,
POWER PROG and their Costa Rican power metal mates have decided
to change the band's name from now in WINGS OF DESTINY, above all
to distinguish themselves clearly and to avoid misunderstandings with the
media and with fans of both bands.

In view of this particular situation, the band and the label have furthermore
decided to re-release the stunning debut album "Time" as a "Definitive
Edition" with a totally new designed artwork (made by the awesome Caio
Caldas of CadiesArt, www.cadiesart.com) and a completely new
composed, recorded, mixed and mastered track called "From Shadows
To The Light", now also available as Audio-CD for all fans and lovers of
the good old physical stuff.
Tracklist ...
01. Destiny
02. Fallen Angel
03. Time
04. I Saw An Angel Cry
05. From Shadows To The Light
06. Forgive But Not Forget
07. Into Black Horizon
08. I Want Out (Helloween Cover)
09. Nothing Last Forever
10. Fallen Angel (Feat. Roberto Tiranti)
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Album details ...
All songs written by Anton Darusso, except I Want Out, written by Kai Hansen (ex-Helloween)
All arrangements created by Anton Darusso and Marco Vinicio Castro Pinagel.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at AUDIOMACC Studios, Sabana, San Jos, Costa Rica
Sound-, mixing- and mastering engineer: Marco Vinicio Castro Pinagel
Producer: Anton Darusso
Co-producer: Marco Vinicio Castro Pinagel
Album artwork: Caio Caldas (CadiesArt)
Logo design, typography & layout: Gtz Morgenschweis (Power Prog)

Anton Darusso (Vocals)
Andres Angulo (Drums)
Alejandro Amador (Keyboards)
Allan "Kalay" Murillo (Guitar)
Cristian Jimnez (Guitar)
Jose Pablo Sequeira (Bass)

Guest artists ...
Josue Vargas (Guitars)
Marco Castro (Vocals on "From Shadows To The Light", Keyboards, programming & guitars)
Bryan Salas (Bass)
Fans of bands like Angra, Stratovarius, Dragonfly, Helloween, Gamma Ray and other genre sizes will get their
money's worth with this impressive debut work, which has already attracted greater attention in the Metal world.
Ten technically demanding, catchy and entertaining tracks can be expected by the listener, and fans of European
influcenced melodic power metal will thoroughly enjoy this album as a real highlight in 2015.

By the way: Currently WINGS OF DESTINY are in the studio recording their album number two which we can
expect in a few months ... They're right on target to bless the world of metal with the next bang!