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The Power & The Will

Genre: Folk Metal, Power Metal
Release Date: December 11, 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream
Album details:
All songs written and arranged by Triddana
Recorded at "La Nave De Osenberg", "Vip Rock" & "Incus" studios
Recording & Edition: Juan Jos Forns
Drum Doctor: Javier Rubio
Produced & mixed: Juan Jos Forns
Mastered by Sebastin Manta
Cover art & graphic design: Christian E. Treffny
Clothing & photos: Supercharger

Juan Jos Forns (Vocals, guitars)
Pablo Allen (Bagpipe, whistle)
Diego Rodrguez (Bass)
Ranz (Drums)
POWER PROG is proud to announce the signing of a true South
American hope in matters of folk/power metal, the Argentines of
TRIDDANA. The first common goal is the worldwide release of their
second album "The Power & The Will" at December 11, 2015 as
Audio-CD, download card, digital download and as stream.

TRIDDANA, founded in early 2011, have derived their name from
the Irish word "troideanna" (which means "fights") and they come
with a mixture of the beauty and magic of Scotish and Irish folk
music and energetic, powerful played heavy metal. Their first
album "Ripe For Rebellion" from 2013 was more than just a
moderate success and able to obtain many excellent reviews,
ratings and the attention of the whole scene. Over the following
months and years, they got an excellent reputation as an
outstanding live act. In the current line up with Juan Jos Forns
(Vocals & guitars), Pablo Allen (Bagpipe & whistle), Diego
Rodrguez (Bass) and Ranz (drums), they entered the studio in
late 2014 to create a worthy successor to their debut album!
Tracklist ...
01. Shouting Aloud
02. When The Enemy's Close
03. Death Blow
04. Echo Through The Day
05. Everything Returns
06. The Snake & The Pit
07. The Might In My Blood
08. Galloping Shadows
09. Becoming
10. Everlasting Lie
11. Awakening
12. The Power & The Will
With "The Power & The Will", TRIDDANA can totally convincing and put under renewed evidence that they know
their craft and that they are aware of their abilities. Album No. 2 is characterized by impressive songwriting with
strong, expressive hymns and constant sing-along factor. With every sound you hear that it is not just about
making music, for TRIDDANA it is a true vocation and a real lifestyle is mediated. They do everything with class
with passion and this release is another step in the right direction on their way to the international folk metal throne.
Not only die-hard fans around the globe will be delighted ... This South American star shines bright on music
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